Emoji Decks

Emoji Decks is an online game, where you collect emoji cards. It’s completely free and doesn’t require any sort of registration. Anyone with the Internet connection and a browser can play. This is short document will help you understand how Emoji Decks works.


Coins are the main currency of Emoji Decks. It’s used to buy Booster Packs. The number of coins you own is indicated at the top right corner of the page.

Emoji Decks Help Coins
Player has 100 coins. They will receive additional 10 coins after 59 minutes and 50 seconds.

Passive Income

Emoji Decks Help Coins
Player has 500 coins. Passive incomes stop, until the player spends some of the coins.

Earning Coins

You can also earn 10 coins every hour in „Earn Coins” section of the website.

Note: that with this method you can accumulate unlimited amount of coins, as there is no 500 coins limitation.


Summary provides you with your game progress, as well as displays saved information, that’s been collected since the start of the game.

Sharing / Tweeting

Emoji Decks Help Sharing
You can share your summary.


Collection section lists all the emojis you have collected.

Emoji Info Card

You can click on the emoji you have in your collection to get more information on it.

Emoji Decks Help Card Info
Emoji Info Card.

Rare Emojis

Every emoji group (Smileys, Gestures, People, etc…) has rare emojis. These emojis have the highest rarity numbers. They have different color backgrounds and are decorated with stars. There 5 groups of rare emojis:

Background of bronze, silver, golden, platinum, diamond emojis.

In total there are 132 rare emojis.


If you pull emoji that’s already in your collection, it’ll be awarded with duplicate tag. Duplicate emojis can be shared with other Emoji Decks players. These emojis are marked with „D” icon in your collection.

Emoji Decks Help Duplicate
Duplicate icon in the top-right corner. It indicates that’s this emoji is available for sharing.

Buy Packs

In Buy Packs section of Emoji Decks you can buy Booster Packs that contain emojis for your collection. Each Booster Pack has 5 emojis in them.

Types of Booster Packs

There are 12 different Booster Packs to choose from. Basic Pack (costs 100 coins), can contain any emoji, from any emoji group. The other 11 Booster Packs (cost 150 coins) will only contain emojis from the specific group.

Emoji Decks Help Booster Packs
Booster Pack on the left may contain any emoji, while Booster Pack on the right – only emojis from Smileys group.

New / Duplicate Emojis

Once you buy Booster Pack you, press „Open” button to pull out 5 emojis, one by one. If you pull a new emoji (the one you still don’t own in you collection), a „New” bubble will appear in the top-left corner of emoji’s information card. If this bubble does not appear, it means you already have this emoji in your collection and you just got a duplicate.

Emoji Decks Help New and Duplicate Cards
Yawning Face emoji has „New” bubble, which indicates that this emoji is a new addition to your collection. Peck Kiss Face doesn’t have the bubble, which means this emoji was already in your collection and is a duplicate. This emoji will now have duplicate icon and will be available for sharing.

Trade Emojis

Trade Emojis section of the game allows you to receive or share emojis.

Receive Emoji

If the other Emoji Decks player has shared trading code with you, paste it in the „Receive Emoji” section of the page to receive an emoji. There are 3 conditions when receiving emoji:

If all 3 conditions are met, an emoji information card will pop-up, indicating that a new emoji was added to your collection.

Emoji Decks Help Receiving Emojis
The player just received Beaming Face Emoji

Note: You can only receive 1 emoji every 12 hours.

Share Emoji

If you have a duplicate emoji you can share it with the world. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Click „Share Emoji” button. It’ll take you to Collection section of the game.
  2. Here select emoji you would like to share.
  3. Copy generated code and share it with the world.
Emoji Decks Help Sharing Emojis
When you hit „Share Emoji” button you’ll be taken to your collection, where only your duplicate emojis will be presented.

There are few rules when sharing an emoji:

Note: You can only share 1 emoji every 24 hours.

Earn Coins

On top of generating coins passively, you can also earn coins.

Note: You can do this once every hour. This method is available even if you have more than 500 coins.

Emoji Decks Help Earning Coins
You’ll have to wait for a few seconds before you can get your coins.


Your progress is saved automatically on your device. Since the data is stored locally, you won’t be able to have the same collection on multiple devices.


Emoji Decks was created by Retryables.

Retryables Logo

Emojis used in the games are Twemoji made by Twitter.
Licensed under CC-BY 4.0.